About us

The “Friends of the Botanical Garden of Parma” Association was born in May 2009, thanks to the appeal of the then Director Prof. Andrea Fabbri, with the goal of protecting this little green jewel, an oasis of peace in the city center.
Since 1771, date of the foundation of the current site, the Botanical Garden is the center of study and collection of curious and rare plants from all over the world.
Over the years, the garden has been enhanced (thanks to scholars and prominent figures citizens) of wonderful specimens, herbaria for cataloging botanical species and beautiful architectural structures.
The Garden Friends are intended to assist the University in the small daily expenses and management of volunteer labor for the care of the garden, as a place of study and center of awareness for the respect and the love for the environment .


OUR LOGO: The Turtle Valentina, mascot of the Botanical Garden, crowned with leaves of Ginko and laying on the carapace the map of the Italian garden. Designed by famous Parmesan cartoonist Gianluca Foglia, better known as “Fogliazza”.

OUR SYMBOL: Ginkgo biloba which oversees the Botanic Gardens since 1791. This plant has a thousand virtue: in the Far East is used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Its fruit are also known as “silver apricot.”

You can make your contribution in various ways:
-Offer help in gardening: every season has its own work to do
-Offer a small financial support: the registration fee and any donations will help us to acquire material (seeds, new plants, equipment) to continue together with the staff of the University to treat Orto
-Insert our fiscal code (92154690348) in the appropriate section of your tax return: partake in the project “5 × 1000”.  To you does not cost anything, for us it means a lot!

Invite your friends and school classes to visit the Garden!

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