DRUGS: Parts of medicinal plants containing the “plant complex”, ie the synergy of chemicals making them viable for use.

HORTUS SIMPLICIUM MEDICAMENTORUM: Garden of the simple, the place which grew the “simple”, ie “medicinal”plants or simple medicines.

BOTANICAL NAME: The name given to each plant by the Latin binomial name, composed by the scientific name of the genus (in capital letters), the species (in lower case), followed by the initial of the botanical name and the botanical family.

MEDICINAL HERBS: The term “medicinal” comes from the Latin word “officium”, ie work, and it refers to plants suitable to be transformed.

The data sheets on medicinal herbs were prepared by:

Maurizio Pedrazzini, Paola Monzo and Gabriella Cavallo  (Herbalists of the Italian Herbalist Federation –F.E.I.– of Parma)

Linda Spallanzani (Botanical Garden Technical Herbalist of Università degli Studi di Parma

N. B. The informations in these data sheets are purely cultural. For each therapeutic herb described here, you may want to consult a specialist.

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